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Strategic Business Plan Consultant

We have a team of strategic business plan consultants that can produce a professional strategic business plan.  Our strategic business plan specialists are all highly qualified academically in order to be credible and be able to produce one of the best strategic business plans in the industry.  If you have a question or concern about the strategic business planning, please feel free to contact us. 

Why choose us?

  • Quick response and quality strategic business plan service 
  • Top qualifications, including MBA 
  • Experience in strategic business planning (since 2005) 
  • Affordable prices 

If you have a question or inquiries, please contact us or schedule a 30 min free consultation (online casual conversation)

What Are the Benefits of Strategic Business Plan? 

  • Establish vision and goals – Visions and goals are high level components of any venture, and usually are identified during the development of the business strategy plan and strategic marketing plan. The vision of the organisation outlines all goals, including long term and current goals. The vision, also, outlines all organizational values, which is one of the most important segments of the organisational culture.     
  • Proactive rather than reactive- having a business strategy and planning is a great way to start a business as all steps are outlined for you in the plan. Having all operational strategies defined in the plan including the financial strategic planning section is an advantage. This will define the operational budget starting from the operational cost and projected revenue, you will simply have a good understanding of the cash-flow situation. The financial situation is the most important part of business administration. In order to tackle any upcoming issue, you must manage the risk very well. Having a good risk and issue register will define what can go wrong in the near future and what can you do to avoid or overcome it, and this will help you becoming proactive rather than reactive
  • Clear assigned responsibilities and tasks- Imagine you are working  for a company that has no structure, with all tasks and activities all over the place, with 3 or more individuals working on the same task, while other task is not even looked at. This will definitely reduce team efficiency and will result in overspending on operational cost
  • The opportunity to calculate the variance by measuring the actual progress vs. the projected record – When it comes to business and strategic planning is a great way to check if the venture is going according to the strategic plan. With all cost has been outlined in the plan, you now need to check how much are you actually paying  for bills, e.g. Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), materials, rent, employee salaries and other expenses. Hence, the variance is just the differences between the planned value and actual value. Also, the strategic management process covers resources allocation and management including cash and human resources.

One Page Strategy Plan

Writing a one page strategy plan is not an easy process, it requires a very professional and experienced strategic development consultant as it requires deep knowledge and extensive experience.  In general the page is divided into sections and each section must be clear, outlining details such as bullet points of the section heading. This should be a great summary of the entire business plan and some time it is referred to as business canvas. This is nothing but a summary of the business model, which is a short story of how the business makes money.  This document usually contains list of partners, key activities, customer segment, sales channels, cost structure and revenue stream.

Financial and Strategic Planning

Financial modeling and financial planning are at the centre of any strategic planning, hence, we usually see financial and strategic planning combined as one key point. We have experienced financial experts that can produce financial and strategic documents this includes cash-flow analysis, profit and lost statement, statement of financial equities, or balanced sheet. Our experience is not limited to business consulting, but we also, can develop strategic project business cases and perform project budgeting, including project planned value analysis, and variance calculation.
Financial and Strategic planning is common categories of the business plan as the finance is the core of the business plan feasibility. If the finance section does not stack up then the venture must not start. This is because the venture will eventually fail due to failed financial projection. We have the expertise (financial and strategic planning experts) to analysis and make projections for revenue and cost, we can also, perform Net Present Value (NPV) calculation in order to determine the feasibility of the venture. Financial and strategic planning is one of the most important sections of the business plan because it is used to calculate the cash flow of the business.  The cash flow determines how much money is going into the business and how much money is going out of the business.    

Corporate Strategic Planning

Corporate strategic planning is one of the most sensitive and highest strategic planning for all business levels. This special topic requires consultants to meet the expectation with senior executives and must be approved by the executive team which normally referred to as the Senior Leadership Team (SLT). Usually the corporate strategic planning contain high level plan, which include, schedule plan, current problem and the resonant solution, prototype, financial plan, risk and issue register, marketing section and competition analysis and finally Occupational health and safety. The process is very complex as you may need to comprehensive risk analysis and series of meetings before even the steering committee stage. We have the expertise to develop any kind of executive documents and corporate strategic plans.

Strategic Planning Consulting Services

Are you looking for strategic planning consulting services? We have a team of strategic planning experts who can deliver a satisfactory result. If you have any question or enquiry, please contact us for immediate help. Our experience covers various industries and areas of business. Starting from small businesses to medium and corporate levels. We recently completed a dentist business plan for commercial lease and business loan applications.    



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